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I visited the 3D Print Show at Center 548 in Chelsea Sunday, April 19th. The show was part of a larger 3D print week in NYC at the Javits Center, which, according to 3dprint and MecklerMedia, was the largest 3D printing show in the world.

Dragonfly2020 by Nano Dimension

The week included 3D print design and fashion shows. While I think there is a future for 3D printing with wearable tech, I am more interested in both 3D printing art and more practical prototyping printing. I recently learned about a prototyping machine, named the Dragonfly 2020, that can 3D print circuit boards. The machine is still a prototype itself, but the company, Nano Dimension, is aiming for a 2016 launch. It can print up to 10 layers using conductive and dielectric inks. While I’m sure it will be very expensive to start, the possibility of creating a circuit board in a lab or maker space in a few hours could make microcontroller design, embedded system design, and general electrical engineering hardware prototyping more accessible and much faster for engineers and makers alike.

I also saw 3D printed metal objects and conductive plastic filaments. Both have interesting electrical engineering applications, but the methods of manufacturing (creating metal molds in AutoCAD and fused filament, respectively, are being replaced by methods such as the Dragonfly).

The entire top floor at the show was devoted to 3D printed art. The image above is by artist Nick Irvinck, the top image of this post is a dress created by artist Alexis Walsh. There was innovative interior design (lamp fixtures), wearable printed accessories and clothing (hats, belts, fashion), various sculptures, and 3D “paintings.” Many of the artists, including Nick and Alexis, had thoughtfully pushed the boundaries of typical 3D printed objects to create intricate and innovative structures.


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